Post-Sale Support

Although at first they may appear complicated and intimidating, FiberCell Systems hollow fiber bioreactors are easy to use. To help you get started, we provide a free video CD manual, a free conference call, and free telephone troubleshooting. Also, upon request, we can provide on-site setup and training.

Video CD Manual

Our first level of technical support is our FREE FiberCell Systems Video Resources CD. It contains an extensive list of references, our User’s Manual, our Quick Start Guide, and over one hour of videos which demonstrate the set up and use of our system.

If you would like to recieve a copy of our FiberCell Systems Video Resources CD, please fill out this form.

Initial Conference Call

After your purchase we will contact you to schedule a conference call during which we will review hollow fiber cell culture protocols and answer any specific questions you may have.


Customers are encouraged to call at any time with questions about their FiberCell Systems bioreactors and related products. In order to be most helpful, we remind you that good sterile technique is of utmost importance. As long as the hollow fiber cartridge is not contaminated we can fix anything!

We are set up with Skype video conferencing. This is an effective way to demonstrate use of our products.

On-site Setup and Training

We provide on-site set up and training for an additional fee and travel expenses. Please contact us for pricing.