The production of adenoviral vectors for research purposes using conventional methods such as T flasks or roller bottles consumes significant amounts of time and space. When 293 cells are adapted to suspension culture, large quantities of adenoviral vectors can be produced in a single FiberCell Systems cartridge. High cell density makes for rapid and uniform infection kinetics within the ECS of the FiberCell Systems cartridge.

Batch to batch comparison of the ad-vector methods.

Batch-to-batch comparison of the Ad-vector production methods.

  • Can produce 1-3×1013 virus particles, equal to 20 roller bottles
  • Closed, biosafe system
  • Utilizes serum free medium
  • Precise control of pH for optimum infections

Suggested Ordering for Virus Culture


P3202 The FiberCell® Systems Duet more info


Catalog No. Size Surface Area Fiber Type Packing Density ECS Vol MWCO 50% Max. Cell#
C2011 Medium 3000 cm2 high flux PS 50% 15 ml 20kd 109 more info
C2018 Large 1.2 m2 high flux PS 50% 70 ml 20kd 5 x 1010 more info

Reservoir Caps

A1005 33 mm Reservoir Cap more info
A1006 38 mm Reservoir Cap more info