Endothelial Cell Culture

The FiberCell Systems PS+ module (cat#4300-C2025) is especially designed for the culture and study of endothelial cells under flow. The PS+ fiber can easily be coated with extra-cellular matrix proteins (and/or cytokines and antibodies) to permit the attachment of endothelial cells to the interior wall of the fiber. The microprocessor controlled FiberCell Systems pump can be programmed to produce consistent and defined amounts of shear stress by regulating the flow of medium over the cells. This allows the study of endothelial cells in a more physiologic environment when compared to other methods. As a result, typical cell morphology is retained, a monolayer is formed and tight junctions are created. These culture conditions more closely mimic invivo cell growth. The microporous nature of the fibers and the ability to control the extra-cellular matrix provides an ideal system for cellular co-cultivation with other cell types such as vascular smooth muscle or neuroglia.

Static WT MPMVEC Proliferation and Flow-adapted EC Growth Arest

Static WT MPMVEC Proliferation and Flow-adapted EC Growth Arest

  • Inner surface area of the fibers is equal to a T75 flask
  • Shear stress of .5 dynes/cm2 to 25 dynes/cm2 can be generated
  • Approximately 100 micrograms of RNA can be isolated from each cartridge
  • Most types of microscopy can be performed including immunohisto-chemical techniques

Figure 1: Human coronary endothelial cells. Curtesy of Guerkan Sengoelge, Medical University of Vienna

Suggested Ordering for Endothelial Cell Culture


P3202 The FiberCell® Systems Duet more info


Catalog No. Size Surface Area Fiber Type Packing Density ECS Vol MWCO 50% Max. Cell#
C2025 Small 75 cm2 activated PS 30% 2.5 ml 0.1 µm 108 more info

Reservoir Caps

A1005 33 mm Reservoir Cap more info
A1006 38 mm Reservoir Cap more info